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Doing Well by Doing Good: PublicStuff and Amicus Founders Crack Forbes 30 Under 30 List

December 20, 2012

Brad Svrluga

LilyLiu SethBannonI wrote a post awhile back about the incredible advantages that accrue to startup companies whose businesses have compelling social missions.

At the time, I was focused on our investment in Flat World Knowledge, a company that continues to make waves in the higher education market with its disruptive model for shaking up the oh so Paleolithic higher ed textbook market. Flat World’s mission of open and affordable higher ed content continues to generate massive karma value, creating a tailwind around the company that aids in PR, recruiting, sales, and just about everything.

This week I’m particularly proud of two other socially impactful companies in our portfolio – PublicStuff and Amicus.

In particular, we’re thrilled that founders Lily Liu and Seth Bannon have each been recognized by Forbes on their 30 Under 30 list of Social Entrepreneurs. Particularly cool is the fact that what these companies are doing has been recognized as so socially impactful that Forbes chose to include them as 2 of only 10 for profit organizations included in a list that’s mostly 501c3 organizations.

PublicStuff has developed the leading platform for helping municipal governments connect with and interact with their citizens. Think of it as a mobile & social native version of the old 311 phone systems. Cities from Philadelphia, PA to Fontana, CA are lining up to take advantage of this category-defining platform.

Amicus is fast emerging as the leading social fundraising and advocacy platform for non-profits. By tapping into the social graphs of staff, volunteers, alumni, and friends of the non-profits they work with, Amicus supercharges the reach and effectiveness of fundraising and advocacy campaigns. Organizations like the NEA and Human Rights Campaign have massively scaled their volunteer outreach efforts through use of the Amicus platform.

A few weeks ago Seth and Lily each shared their stories at the annual meeting High Peaks’ investors. The room was blown away by the talents, missions, and passion of these two remarkable young entrepreneurs. And the group was unanimous in their shared pride to be associated with two companies that are doing so much good in their efforts to do well.

Check out these two young rockstars at this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list. And while you’re there, pay attention to the other 28, as well. If only we could replace everyone on Capitol Hill with these 30 plus 505 of their closest friends. I’m sure debates about Fiscal Cliffs and Debt Ceilings would pretty quickly fade away.


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